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I had the opportunity to create a digital painting series titled "Elemental" for a local exhibition organized by the Langley Arts Council in 2022. The series revolved around the theme of "Elemental: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water." Inspired by my personal experiences of unusual weather events, including the Abbotsford flooding, I aimed to explore the mysterious and awe-inspiring aspects of nature.

The series delved into the enigmatic nature of the elements that we, as humans, often struggle to fully comprehend even with our advanced scientific and technological capabilities. Nature has the power to sustain and nurture life, yet it can also unpredictably take it away. This duality evokes both positive and negative emotions within me, leaving me in awe of its grandeur while simultaneously fearing its unpredictable facets.

To capture these characteristics, I chose to depict one defining feature of each element – earth, fire, and water – in an abstract and visually captivating manner, using natural colors associated with each subject. In "Birth of the Earth," I selected an image of the earth and created a color palette based on its natural hues. Using these colors, I portrayed the cycle of life through geometric circles. "Dance on Fire" sought to convey the rhythmic and yet erratic movements of fire, using vibrant and fiery tones. "A Water Current" depicted the magnificent flow of an emerald sea, which paradoxically holds the potential to transform into a devastating tsunami.

These elements of earth, fire, and water are undeniably essential for the sustainability of human life, but their impact can be both life-giving and life-threatening, depending on how we interact with them. Through my artwork, I aimed to evoke contemplation on our relationship with the natural world and the responsibility we bear in preserving its delicate balance.

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