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My digital painting series, Elemental, was created for a local exhibition, following its theme “Elemental: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water (by Langley Arts Council, 2022).” The main idea of this series is the mystery of the nature that I have experienced through unusual weather events over the past year such as Abbotsford flooding. The nature that we cannot fully comprehend even with advanced science and high technology continues producing and keeping life while taking it away unexpectedly. This double-sided face leaves me both positive and negative emotions. I wonder at its grandeur and at the same time fear unpredictable facets of the nature. Accordingly, earth, wind, fire, and water all are familiar and yet still unaccustomed to me.

To express such characteristics of the nature, I chose to draw one feature of each subject–earth, fire, and water–in an attractive and abstract way, painting them with natural colors of the subjects. As for Birth of the Earth, I chose a picture of earth and made a colour palette based on the colors of the picture. I then drew geometrical circles with the colors to express the cycle of life. In Dance on Fire, I depicted rhythmical and yet random movements of fire with its colors. A Water Current is a pattern of magnificent flow of an emerald sea, which may become a deadly tsunami one day paradoxically. No doubt that all these elements are indispensable for sustainability of human life, but it could be life-taking, depending on how we treat them.

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