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“So what is a theological vision? It is a faithful restatement of the gospel with rich implications for life, ministry, and mission in a type of culture at a moment in history.” 

– Timothy Keller

Enrolment in the Canadian Armed Forces (2024)

I am so grateful to serve as a chaplain in the Canadian Armed Forces, using my pastoral gift as of July 2024.


The First Annual General Meeting (2023)

Just finishing the first AGM, I‘m filled with immense gratitude for how this arts based-nonprofit has flourished with our community. POIEO’s journey to what it is today wouldn‘t have been possible without the dedication and sacrifice of our board directors and staff, who deeply care about the life of artists and our culture. Their commitment, along with the prayers and collaborations from our diverse friends, has been the backbone of our growth. Thank you to each one of you! (photo by Danny Choi)

KakaoTalk_Photo_2024-01-06-20-12-09 013_

Filmmaking as a Ministry (2021 - present)

Creating a film is much like ministry; it's about forging deep relationships to realize a shared vision. Since 2021, the Poieo Film Project has let me experience this ministry firsthand. With a diverse crew, we've collaborated to breathe life into our collective vision. The attached photo by Ryan Clarkson perfectly captures our spirit of teamwork and purpose.


Poieo Centre, Greater Vancouver, BC. (2019 - present)

As the founder and president of Poieo Centre, I'm dedicated to supporting faith-driven creatives. I nurture their journeys with prayer, pastoral care, and fundraising. It's a joy to guide, encourage, and provide resources, helping them flourish in their creative pursuits.

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Marriage Commissioner, BC. (2020-present)

I was privileged to officiate Yeara and Marvin's wedding. It was a heartwarming celebration of love and unity. Being part of this significant moment in their lives is something I'll always treasure.


Richmond Presbyterian Church, BC. (2019 - 2021)

For two years, I served as an assistant minister at Richmond Presbyterian Church, a diverse intercultural ministry. I engaged with its vibrant community, working with dedicated members to create an inclusive space. This role deepened my insights into intercultural ministry and let me support the congregation's spiritual growth.


Cyclical PCC (2020 - 2022)

I joined Cyclical PCC, part of Cyclical International, to plant innovative ministries in a post-Christian world. With their support, coaching, and resources, I've been equipped to address the challenges of ministry in today's cultural context. I'm thankful to be in this network of church planters, working together to share the Gospel's transformative message.

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Ordination and Induction (Sep. 2019)

I was honored to be ordained as a minister at Richmond Presbyterian Church in the Presbytery of Westminster, BC. The ceremony was made even more memorable with Dr. Sven Soderlund as the preacher. Their wisdom added depth to this sacred moment. I'm humbled by this trust and am eager to serve the congregation and community wholeheartedly.


Dunwood Place Seniors Complex, New Westminster, BC. (2017-2019)

For over two years, I led evening worship and weekly Bible studies for Canadian seniors at Dunwood Place Seniors Complex. Their genuine spirits seeking God deeply touched me. It was a privilege guiding their faith journey. Our Bible studies fostered a space to delve into Scriptures, while our worship services provided a moment for collective reflection and prayer.


St. Paul’s Simcoe Presbyterian Church, ON (2018)

Earning the Dr. D.C. MacDonald Scholarship was not just an honor for my academic efforts, but also a nod to my dedication to ministry. Furthermore, preaching at St. Paul's Simcoe Presbyterian Church's 225th anniversary in Ontario was deeply humbling. It was an honor to share God's Word and reflect on the church's rich history and enduring impact in the community.


Pulpit Supply, BC (2018-2019)

For about two years, I led worship services across various Canadian churches, from Mennonite Brethren to European Canadian Presbyterian. This journey immersed me in the diverse expressions of the Western church. Each service offered insights into unique worship styles, theological views, and cultural nuances. I grew to appreciate the vastness of the Western church and saw how worship can unify and celebrate our shared faith's diverse expressions. I'm deeply thankful to the welcoming communities that let me serve and learn alongside them.


Master of Divinity, BC (2012-2017)

Completing my Mdiv in Theology and the Arts at Regent College was both transformative and challenging. Pursuing this degree in my second language and in a different cultural context added complexity. While I faced hurdles, especially grasping theological concepts in a language I was still mastering, these challenges deepened my commitment and resolve in Gospel ministries.


Vancouver Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, BC (2018)

In summer 2018, I had the honor of leading a Youth Alpha Film Series for a local Taiwanese youth community. It was a rewarding experience to guide discussions on faith and spirituality with the youth.


Vancouver Korean Presbyterian Church, BC (2014-2017)

For three years, I served as the youth pastor for Korean-Canadian immigrant teens in an English Ministry context. I was dedicated to guiding these young individuals, who were balancing life between cultures. My goal was to offer spiritual guidance and mentorship, fostering an environment where they could delve into their faith, form strong relationships, and understand their unique identities.


 Origin Church, Vancouver, BC. (2012-2013)

For a duration of one year, I had the privilege of serving as a church planting intern at Origin Church, located on the campus of the University of British Columbia (UBC). This opportunity allowed me to be part of a dynamic and innovative ministry focused on reaching and engaging the university community.


Choi-Ye-Ha, South Korea (2005-2008)

At Korea National University of Arts, I founded a Christian art student club named "Choi-Ye-Ha," meaning "God is the Best Artist." This community became a haven for art students to delve into their faith and artistic passions. Through this experience, I recognized the students' need for theological guidance in merging their faith with their artistic endeavors. Many sought a mentor to help them navigate the crossroads of faith, arts, and entertainment in harmony with their Christian values.

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Short Mission Trip, Indonesia (2004)

In my twenties, I joined four short-term mission trips with fellow young adults from my church. On one memorable trip to Indonesia, I served in various ministry roles. Notably, I led an art class for local young adults, blending creativity, self-expression, and cultural exchange. Through this, I not only nurtured their artistic passions but also shared the love and teachings of Jesus Christ.

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Military Chaplain Assistant, South Korea (2002-2004)

For more than two years, I served as a military chaplain assistant with the 631 artillery. My main duty was to offer spiritual and mental support to our soldiers, ensuring their well-being throughout their service.

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