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“So what is a theological vision? It is a faithful restatement of the gospel with rich implications for life, ministry, and mission in a type of culture at a moment in history.” 

– Timothy Keller

Filmmaking as a Ministry (2021 - present)

Making a film with diverse crew, for its singular vision, is like a ministry in the sense that it is intensely relational to get the vision completed together. The Poieo Film Project has allowed me to have such an experience of ministry on set since 2021. (photo by Ryan Clarkson)


Poieo Centre, Greater Vancouver, BC. (2019 - present)

As founding director and president of Poieo Centre, I care for creatives of faith by supporting their creative journeys with prayer, pastoral care, and fundraising for their projects. It's my joy to journey with them.

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Marriage Commissioner, BC. (2020-present)

Yeara and Marvin's wedding is one of the wedding ceremonies I've blessed and officiated.


Richmond Presbyterian Church, BC. (2019 - 2021)

I served as assistant minister of Richmond Presbyterian Church, an intercultural ministry, for 2 years. 


Cyclical PCC (2020 - 2022)

I joined Cyclical PCC, as part of Cyclical International where support church planters, to plant an innovative ministry in a post-Christian world. I received their support and resources such as coaching.

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Ordination and Induction (Sep. 2019)

I was ordained as the minister of the Word and Sacraments at Richmond Presbyterian Church in the Presbytery of Westminster, BC. It was an honor to have Dr. Sven Soderlund as my preacher for this day.


Dunwood Place Seniors Complex, New Westminster, BC. (2017-2019)

It was a tremendous blessing to lead evening worship service and weekly bible studies for Canadian seniors residing in Dunwood Place Seniors Complex for + 2 years. They're a precious community whose spirits are poor before God.


St. Paul’s Simcoe Presbyterian Church, ON (2018)

It was truly honored to receive the Dr. D.C. MacDonald Scholarship and to preach at the 225th anniversary of the St. Paul's Simcoe Presbyterian Church, ON.


Pulpit Supply, BC (2018-2019)

I had plenty of experiences in leading worship services for local Canadian churches in different traditions for about 2 years (e.g., Mennonite Brethren, European Canadian Presbyterian, and more). That was a great opportunity to get to know about the Western church closely.


Vancouver Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, BC (2018)

I was asked to help a local Taiwanese youth community by leading a Youth Alpha Film Series during the summer, 2018.


Vancouver Korean Presbyterian Church, BC (2014-2017)

I served as EM youth pastor for Korean-Canadian immigrant teenagers for 3 years.


 Origin Church, Vancouver, BC. (2012-2013)

I worked as a church planting intern for Origin Church on UBC campus for a year.


Choi-Ye-Ha, South Korea (2005-2008)

I found a Christian art student club at Korea National University of Arts, which was later named "Choi-Ye-Ha" (the abbreviation for "Choi-go-eui Yes-sul-ga-i-sin Ha-na-nim," which means, "God is the Best Artist"). Through this community, I learned about their struggles and needs, a mentor who can guide creatives of faith to use and see the arts and entertainment theologically-appropriately.

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Short Mission Trip, Indonesia (2004)

I went to four short mission trips with my home church young adults in my 20s. One of them was Indonesia. My role was to assist the team leader, led one art class for Indonesian young adults, and recorded the ministries with a video camera.

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Military Chaplain Assistant, South Korea (2002-2004)

I served as a military chaplain assistant for the 631 artillery for +2 years, caring for soldiers in need of spiritual and mental support.

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