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Creative | Enterprising | Pastoral Spirit

I grew up in South Korea. I fell in love with Hollywood movies (e.g., Star Wars) and Japanese graphic novels (e.g., Dragon Ball) in my early childhood. My interest in the entertainment led me to study and work in filmmaking and visual arts-making for two decades, including teaching art students in several art institutions in S. Korea and Canada. Creative projects that I've helped to shape and produce have been widely shown around the world.

In my 30s, I sought to reconcile my professional career with my faith, as part of a deep reconsideration of my identity. I completed a Master of Divinity with the Arts concentration and have served several faith communities for the past decade in Canada, including chairing the Missions Fest Vancouver Film Festival.


Today, I see myself as an interdisciplinary creative pastor who is passionate about working at the intersection of art, community, and culture. I'm currently serving as founding director of Poieo Centre, a non-profit creative community based in BC, which provides pastoral mentorship for younger artists, supports local church communities in the shaping of theologically sound and innovative worship service, and produces meaningful projects for the common good.

I seriously care about wandering artists (as I used to be one myself), wounded local communities (as I continue to participate in), and a broken cultural ecosystem (through which I've been shaped). For that reason, I seek a sustainable creative life, nurturing the vocation of artists with a strong conviction that art-making has transformative power to make society beautiful.

When not at work, I love to eat good food with my family and to enjoy culture by watching slow, poetic movies (e.g., Terrence Malick) as well as emotional K-dramas, swimming, and reading NT exegetical commentaries. I live in Langley, BC with my lovely wife and our sweet daughter.

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Bio: Bio


  • Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership, University of Pennsylvania, USA (enrolled)

  • Grad. Diploma in Denominational Studies, St. Andrew's Hall at University of British Columbia, CAN

  • Master of Divinity in Christianity and the Arts, Regent College, CAN

  • B.F.A. Korea National University of Arts, South Korea

  • Graphic Design, Busan Visual Arts High School, South Korea


  • Certificate of Enrolment in the Canadian Armed Forces, CAN

  • Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy (with an emphasis in Arts and Culture Strategy), University of Pennsylvania, USA

  • Foundations of Digital Marketing and E-commerce, Google, Coursera

  • The Cycle: Management of Successful Arts and Cultural Organizations, University of Maryland, Coursera

  • Foundations of Project Management, Google, Coursera

  • Serving It Right, Responsible Service BC, CAN

  • Wedding Bouquet Designer, Korea Flower Artist Association, CAN

  • Marriage Commission, BC Vital Statistics Agency

  • Ordination, Richmond Presbyterian Church, the Presbytery of Westminster, the Presbyterian Church in Canada

  • Leading with Care, the Presbytery of Westminster, the Presbyterian Church in Canada

  • Talent Lab, Fantastic Film School in NAFF (Network of Asia Fantastic Film), Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, South Korea

  • Mass Media and Culture, Cheong-eo-ram Aacademy, South Korea


Teaching Experiences in Visual Arts & Filmmaking

  • Seasonal Arts Instructor, Columbia Bible College, CAN (Sep. 2020)

  • Drawing and Painting Workshop Instructor, Graduate Student Society of UBC (University of British Colombia), CAN (Oct. 2013–Oct. 2014)

  • Watercolour Workshop Instructor, Regent College, CAN (Feb. 2014)

  • Executive Art Director, POST-i, S. Korea (2012-2013)

  • Summer Scenario and Storyboard Workshop Instructor, Busan Visual Art High School, S. Korea (May-Aug 2011)

  • Summer Portfolio Workshop Instructor, Modago Art Institute, S. Korea (June-Aug. 2011)

  • Portfolio Workshop and Moving Image Studies Instructor, Composite Arts Academy, S. Korea (2007-2010)

  • Drawing and Watercolour Workshop Instructor, Gogamdo Art Institute, S. Korea (2000-2002)


Film/Video Projects

  • Co-director/DP/Editor - commercial video, "Red Clover," CAN (2023)

  • Creator/Executive Producer/Producer - A documentary Series “Poieo Film Project," CAN (2020-present)

  • Producer/Director/Videographer/Editor - 25mins interview video “A Blue Heron,”Richmond Presbyterian Church, CAN (2011)

  • Producer/Director - 1min animated logo “The Parable of the Wheat and the Weed,” Mission Central, CAN (2020)

  • Videographer, footage only - “Soul Sustainability,” CAN (2015)

  • Assistant Director - 135mins feature narrative film “In Love and the War,” RG Entertainment, South Korea (2011)

  • Co-producer - 17mins short film “The Reply Letter,” Certainway Studio, USA (2010)

  • Director/Producer/Writer/Editor - 6mins commercial “Barnabas,” Indie, South Korea (2010)

  • Director/Producer/Writer/Editor/2nd Cinematography - 64mins feature documentary “Jinwie,” Indie, South Korea (2009)

  • Art Director - 6mins short film “The Thorn Hearted,” K-ARTS, South Korea (2009)

  • Assistant Director/Art Director/sound Operator - 13mins short film “My Neighbor,” Ppool Frame Studio, USA (2009)

  • The 1st Associate Director - 9mins TV commercial “Tap Tech Massager,” NEOARI Media, USA (2008)

  • Director/Producer/Writer/Editor/Cinematography - 2mins experimental film “Screenplay,” Indie, South Korea (2006)

  • Associate Director/2nd Cinematography - 38mins middle length documentary “The Harvest Ceremony of Grassland,” Korea Arts Council, Documentary, South Korea and Mongolia (2006)

  • Director/Writer/2D Animator/Editor - 4mins 2D animation “The Art Is,“ Indie, South Korea (2005)

  • Videographer - 5mins documentary “Thailand,” Ppool Frame Studio, South Korea & Thailand (2005)

  • Videographer - 11mins documentary “Indonesia,” Ppool Frame Studio, South Korea & Indonesia (2004)

Art Exhibitions

  • "Artspacific: A BC-Wide Juried Competition and Exhibition," The Aldergrove Kinsmen Community Centre, Langley, BC (2022)

  • "Elemental: Earth, Fire, Wind and Water," Langley City Virtual Gallery, Langley, BC  (2022)

  • "A Reconciling Hope," Lookout Gallery, Vancouver, BC (2017) 

  • “Square Foot Prayer Project,” Lookout Gallery, Vancouver, BC (2014)

  • “Contemporary Art Exhibition,” Incheon Culture Gallery, Incheon, South Korea (2014)

  • “Unfamiliarity,” Regent Prayer Chapel, Vancouver, BC (2014)

  • “Awkward Harmony,” GlasMoog-MinusEins-Foyer Gallery, Germany (2009)

  • “An Old Gym for Audience,” Korea National University of Arts, South Korea (2007)

  • “Exciting Station,” Busan Subway Station, South Korea (2007)

  • “Ichthus,” Kyungsung University, South Korea (2005)

Graphic Design Projects

  • Website design for New Eden Foundation, Vancouver, BC (2022)

  • Photography for Dr. Sven Soderlund, Abbotsford, BC (2021)

  • Photography and Design for Silas Lee's Music Single Album, Vancouver, BC (2021)

  • Consultation for a children book project, Jenkinson & Goode Productions, Vancouver, BC (2021)

  • Consultation for film project pitch materials, Jenkinson & Goode Productions, Vancouver, BC (2021)

  • Web design for my personal website, Wix program, Vancouver, BC (2021)

  • Creative director, annual reports of Poieo Centre, CAN

  • Creative director, Logo, Certificate, Laurel, T-shirt design for Missions Fest Vancouver Film Festival, Vancouver, BC (2020)

  • Creative director, annual report of Poieo Centre, Adobe Illustrator, Vancouver, BC (2019)

  • Creative director, web design for Poieo Centre (v. 1), Wix program, Vancouver, BC (2019)

  • Brand Identity, The Blood Brother Inc. Seoul (2013)

  • Brochure Poster design for Korea and Serbia Art Exhibition, Adobe InDesign, Seoul (2010)


Arts Communities

  • Poieo Centre, Founder / President, Vancouver, BC (2019-present)

  • Passion Fruit, co-founder, Vancouver, BC (2013)

  • Shalom Art, Director, K-Arts, Seoul (2005-2007)

Church Ministries Experiences

  • Communications Director, Peace Portal Alliance Church, Surrey, BC (Jan. 2023 - )

  • Assistant Minister, Richmond Presbyterian Church, Richmond, BC. (Sep. 2019 - Aug. 2021)

  • Chaplain, Dunwood Place Seniors Complex, New Westminster, BC.  (Apr. 2018 - Mar. 2020)

  • Youth Alpha Film Group Leader, Vancouver Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, BC (May - June 2018)

  • Youth Pastor,  Vancouver Korean Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, BC (Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2017)

  • Church planting Intern,  Origin Church at UBC, Vancouver, BC (2012-2013)

  • Leader, HRC (Hope Retreat Centre), South Korea (2005-2007)

  • Military Chaplain Assistant, The 631 Artillery in South Korea (2002-2004)



  • "Arts Ministry beyond the Sunday Worship Service: How Can Arts Ministry be Missional in Public Arena?” in Christian Witness in Cascadian Soil, edited by Ross A. Lockhart (Cascade Books: Eugene, OR. 2021)


Awards, Grants, & Scholarships

  • Avondbloem Experimental Fund at the Presbyterian Church in Canada (2021)

  • Canadian New & Renewed Ministries Grants at the Presbyterian Church in Canada (2020, 2021)

  • Presbyterian Innovative Ministries Grants at the Presbyterian Church in Canada (2019, 2020)

  • The Ellis-Weston Award for Excellence in Church History and Reformed Theology at St. Andrew’s Hall/Vancouver School of Theology (2019)

  • Dr. D.C. MacDonald Scholarship at St. Paul’s Simcoe Presbyterian Church, ON (2018)

  • St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Victoria Scholarship (2018)

  • Angus Funds at Vancouver School of Theology (2018)

  • Joseph Chung Scholarships at Regent College (2013)

  • Merit based scholarship at Korea National Univ. of Art (2007 First semester)

  • Merit based scholarship at Korea National Univ. of Art (2006 Second semester)

  • Merit based scholarship at Korea National Univ. of Art (2006 First semester)

  • Merit based scholarship at Korea National Univ. of Art (2005 First semester)

  • A Feature Film Project, “In Love and the War” (Released April 27th, 2011)

  • A Short Film Project, “The Reply Letter” The Tribeca Film Festival, Korea Independent Film “Winner” (2011)/ New Filmmakers, New York (2010)/ New York International Film Festival (2010)

  • A Feature Documentary Film Project, "Jinwie,” The 10th Jeonju International Film Festival, Korean Feature Film Competition (2009)

  • A Short Film, “The Thorn Hearted,” SESIFF (2014)

  • A Commercial Film, “Tap Tech Massager” Health & Personal Care, eBay, etc/ Nationwide Channels in NYC (2009)

  • A Short Film, “Screenplay” The 14th Independent Film and Video Makers’ Forum, “Selected Choice” (2009)

  • A Middle Documentary Film, “The Harvest Ceremony of Grassland,” Arts Council Korea (2006)



  • The Co-chair of Creative Moving Pictures Festival (2020–2021)

  • The Chair of Creative Moving Pictures Festival (2019–2020)


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