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A New Journey in Social Impact Strategy (2023)

I've been deeply pondering how to ensure POIEO's mission is sustainable in both management and impact. This led me to the Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy at the University of Pennsylvania. My aim is to uncover strategies to address this challenge. During my studies, I've gained invaluable insights from change-makers actively shaping social policy and practice. (Photo by Eva)


In Collaboration with Wedgwood Circle (2022 - present)

Wedgwood Circle has greatly influenced my leadership in faith-based creative communities. I'm thrilled to announce our finalized Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the Artist Care Film Series, marking a pivotal moment in our partnership. the 15th-anniversary event in Nashville, TN. November 2022. (Photo by Young Tae)

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Wedgwood Circle (Nov. 2021)​

I attended the annual Wedgwood Circle retreat in Los Angeles with Canadian film producer Dylan Jenkinson. This event united creatives, patrons, and investors, all aiming to support impactful projects and positively influence culture. The retreat was a whirlwind of networking and shared enthusiasm for culture-making. It was an incredibly uplifting and motivating experience for me.


Poieo Centre, BC. (2019 - present)

Art, ministry, and culture are the three pillars of my life. With this calling, I founded the "Poieo Centre" in 2019, blending these themes into a dynamic arts ministry. As its director and president, I guide its vision and mission with the support of three board members and nine team members. I'm proud to announce that Poieo Centre became a BC society in 2021 and later achieved Canadian charity status in 2023, marking our dedication to deeply serving our community.

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Missions Fest Vancouver Film Festival, BC. (2019 - 2021)

In 2019, I became the chairperson for Mission Central's film festival committee. Despite initial challenges, including a nearly vacant committee and limited resources, I was determined to rejuvenate it. I formed a diverse committee, emphasizing intercultural and intergenerational collaboration. We refreshed the festival's brand, updating elements like the logo and certificates. I also expanded the film selection to include captivating Asian films, broadening our audience reach. Leading over forty dedicated volunteers, we ensured the festival's success. After a year, I transitioned to co-chairperson, allowing me to focus on Poieo Centre. Today, the festival, renamed Create: Moving Pictures Festival, continues to flourish and impact the community.

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