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"Obviously, everyone wants to be successful, but I want to be looked back on as very innovative, very trusted and ethical and ultimately making a big difference in the world.”

– Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google.

In Collaboration with Wedgwood Circle (2022 - present)

Wedgwood Circle is one of the organizations that greatly inspire my journey in leading a creative community at myriad levels. Poieo and Wedgwood are working on fiscal sponsorship for Poieo's film project and "Bring Wedgwood in Your City." The 15th anniversary event in Nashville, TN. Nov. 2022 (photo by Young Tae Choi)

DSC03895_WCAE_photo by Young Tae Choi 2.jpg

Poieo Film Project (2020 - present)

Poieo Film Project is an extensive film project that connects faith and art. God inspired me to produce a film resource that supports creatives of faith and the global church. In 2020, I created a proposal of this project, established a core production team, raised funds for two pilots of the project, and executed its production plan. Currently, the pilots are almost done with help from about 20 North American filmmakers and 5 scholars. (photo by Lucas Lee)

Lucas' BTS photos, POIEO May 27, 2022 studio shoot-15.jpg

Wedgwood Circle (Nov. 2021)​

A Canadian film producer, Dylan Jenkinson, and I were invited to the annual retreat of Wedgwood Circle in Los Angeles, where professional creatives and patrons/investors gathered to build networking, support life-giving projects financially, and ultimately impact our culture. It was a truly inspiring time!


Poieo Centre, BC. (2019 - present)

God has given to me three big themes in my life - art, ministry, and culture. I took these areas as my calling by combining them into one space - an arts ministry, "Poieo Centre." I found the Centre in 2019 and I've led Poieo Centre with 3 board members and 9 team members since then. As the director and president, I oversee the vision and mission of the Centre, executing its ministry plans strategically. Poieo became a BC society in 2021 and its application for becoming a Canadian charity status is in progress.

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Missions Fest Vancouver Film Festival, BC. (2019 - 2021)

I was asked to serve as chairperson of the film festival committee for Mission Central in 2019. When I took the position, there was almost no resource except for one committee member left. Yet, I established a new committee team (intercultural and intergenerational), redesigned brand identity of the festival (e.g., logo, certificate, manual, etc.), selected Asian films additionally on the top of North American films, and led the festival with over forty volunteers. For the second year, I stepped down to co-chairperson by appointing a new chairperson, in order to focus on Poieo Centre. The film festival is now known as Create: Moving Pictures Festival.

20200201 - MISSIONFEST-61.jpg

Choi-Ye-Ha, South Korea (2005 - 2008)

I found a Christian art student club at Korea National University of Arts, which was  named "Choi-Ye-Ha" (the abbreviation for "Choi-go-eui Yes-sul-ga-i-sin Ha-na-nim," which means, "God is the Best Artist.") I organized weekly devotional meeting, special seminars, book studies on faith and art, art presentation, group exhibitions, etc. As the student president, I led this creative community for 3 years and continued joining the club until I graduated.

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