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This work is not merely an art piece, but a liturgy exploring our personal brokenness. None of us wants to show our wounds of brokenness to strangers. In most cases, the brokenness we experience is so painful that we tend to hide it from others. With this in mind, I sought to hide our brokenness from this exhibition's viewers by burning all the pieces of our work and expressing our private brokenness through ash. This is the secret debris which remains in our hearts after experiencing various broken relationships.
However, most of us wish that our wounds would be healed completely. For healing, we often turn to different kinds of human treatments, such as counselling. But we soon realize that these treatments do not last forever. We may one day have a nightmare in which the shadow of the memory haunts our souls, where we resign ourselves to fate and give up any hope of a happy ending. Thus, the question, “Is there hope for such a broken life?” is one which we will inevitably raise.
Nevertheless, as Christians we put our hope in Christ who is bringing the final broken chapters of human history to their end, even while our lives seem irredeemable and look like hopeless ash. I pray that through this communal work our focus will shift (even just a little) from the past to the future; from our brokenness to the hope of the reconciling power of Christ, as from ash to the fire of God. This shift is the purpose behind my contribution to this project.
Let us anticipate the day of full reconciliation in the new heaven and earth to come.

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