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In 2013, I watched "Beautiful Child," a documentary about Canadian aboriginals who attended residential schools. The film's portrayal of their oppression by the Canadian government and churches deeply moved me, inspiring me to create art echoing their voices. After researching thousands of images, one particular girl's gaze stood out, reflecting the arrogance some Christians displayed.

This girl, dressed traditionally, looks at the camera with curiosity, fear, and wariness. Her expression reveals the unfamiliar distance between her world and ours, a reaction to an outsider's intrusion.

Historically, the Canadian government and churches aimed to erase aboriginal culture by forcibly sending children to residential schools. Tragically, over 30% died from abuse, and countless families were shattered. Even though the last school closed in the 1990s, the pain persists. Many aboriginals harbor resentment towards Christians due to this history.

Through this artwork, I hope to encourage sincere prayers for healing the aboriginals' wounds and self-reflection on our own biases.

Let's remember the girl's haunting eyes.

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