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HIS MORNING (Dr. Sven Soderlund)


I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Sven Soderlund since 2016, and it has been a truly enriching experience. Dr. Soderlund is a remarkable biblical scholar who possesses a profound understanding of the Scriptures. Despite his remarkable abilities, he has chosen not to publish an exegetical commentary.

Each day, Dr. Soderlund begins his mornings by meditating on Scripture in various versions, including Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and English. His commitment to studying the Word of God is unwavering, and he continues to share his knowledge and expertise by teaching biblical courses at local seminaries.

One notable recognition of Dr. Soderlund's contributions to biblical scholarship is the dedication of Dr. Gordon Fee's commentary on Philippians to him as a "colleague and friend" (NICNT, Eerdmans, 1995). This is a testament to the respect and admiration his peers hold for him in the academic community.

I had the honor of being invited to Dr. Soderlund's place, where I had the opportunity to capture glimpses of his life through photography. It was an unforgettable experience to witness his gentleness, passion for Scripture, and the warm hospitality of his wife, Rose, who delighted us with her delicious Swedish buns.

Dr. Sven Soderlund's influence and dedication to biblical scholarship have left a lasting impact on me. His humble spirit, devotion to studying the Scriptures, and the generosity he extends to others are qualities I deeply admire. I am grateful for the opportunity to have known him and to have been a part of capturing a glimpse of his extraordinary life.

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